Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eat Dust

In a small state that prides itself on culinary arts, hospitality, restaurant startups, and tourism, the sheer number of bankruptcies, closures, failures, and locations changing hands over a half century must be meaningful. Expect many had to do with the relocation of roads and whistle stops. But imagine you couldn't attempt compiling such a list in California, New York, or Texas.

When Interstates 95 and 195 went in, Routes 1 and 6 no longer carried the bulk of traffic. The Red Bridge became extraneous, so Asquino’s and The East Side Diner (great pie, MIB pleaser) declined. Hot spots along Elmwood Avenue, like Peter Pan Diner, likewise disappeared. Amtrak had stations at Cranston and Columbus Square, but people switched to driving, anyway, so grabbing a bite after or before boarding went by the wayside.

Suspect more just lost their regular clientele due to changing tastes, foul food, health department order, lousy service, poor management, or rising costs. A sushi bar on Reservoir Avenue was closed after people got sick from ecoli; seems owner was changing diapers on prep surfaces. Recessions curtail discretionary income and free time for cooking when not otherwise working. Budget shortfalls cut food inspectors, too. Competition for dining dollars also factors in, or death of owner with no kids or none interested in continuing on.

Getting a victualer’s license and opening a dive or food truck represent a relatively easy way to be self employed and start a business. All humans must eat. The chances of succeeding are actually better than norm, since 9 out of 10 small businesses fail, but you have to deliver delicious food at good dollar value, and neglect no eating trends. Adaptations and displacements in Bristol, East Greenwich, Federal Hill, Newport, and Washington Park are legion, practically cliche.

Restauranteurs want to become regular hosts or standbys people think of at least once a week when they can’t be bothered putting own meals together. Sometimes that will be fast food, or pizza, not sit down dining. Eastside Marketplace reintroduced eating meals in a supermarket, followed by Dave’s and Whole Foods, yet it harks back to automats, where you picked packaged servings from vending machines, and cafeterias, like one long salad bar plus readymade entrées behind glass where you get to pick meal components prix fixe. Miss the Waldorf. Boston Market resembles this, though choices are more limited than cafeterias of old, which at least offered jello. Few alive remember lunch counters at department stores and Weybosett Market.

Some restaurants were successful because of their salad bars. Barnsider had a great one with a cheddar wheel. At The Red Coach, you could choose Unlimited Salad as your meal entrée, since they offered so many ingredients, some assembly required, it more than satisfied. Appealed to do-it-yourselfers and vegetarians, both of whom are underserved to this day. Yet with fears of food borne illness, Shoney’s salad bar and Showboat's smorgasbord sank. At South Attleboro’s Memphis Roadhouse, you could opt to grill a steak yourself selected from their glass front, well stocked cooler, something typical of Midwest but not Northeast region, though one questions inviting lawsuits.

Massively updated from "word of mouth" input and planning frequent additions hereafter, list avoids entries that only changed locations. Who knew there were over 400? Does not include a slew of eateries whose names have been forgotten, but might jog memories. One on the corner of Burgess and Warren Avenues in East Providence reclaimed the first floor of a ramshackle tenement. People who don’t frequent a neighborhood can’t recall every beanery, coffee shop, pizza place, or taqueria; left are dust, new landmarks, or vacant lots. A gourmand in demand, personally ate at many below and still go to others. Rather prepare own meals; can't beat home cooking.

Former Nearby Diners, Pubs & Restaurants (state specified unless Rhode Island)
[Last update: 15 February 2019]
$3 Bar, The, Atwells Avenue, Providence
1149 Restaurant, Seekonk, MA
1200 Ocean Grill, Narragansett
1854 Tap Room, Sakonnet Point, Little Compton
2 Pauls' City Grille, Waterman Avenue, East Providence
20 Water Street, on Greenwich Cove, became The Blue Parrot, East Greenwich
3 Steeple Street, Canal Street, Providence
Abyssinia (Ethiopian), Wickenden Street, Providence
A&W, Budlong Road, Cranston
Adesso, East Side, Federal Hill, Providence

Airway Diner, Airport Road, Warwick
Albert’s Diner, 50 Broad Street, Valley Falls
Albert's Ice Cream Parlor, Elmwood & Whitney, Providence
Alexander’s Restaurant, downtown Providence
Alex’s, Pawtucket
Alfredo's Mobile Lunch, Kennedy Plaza, Providence
Alfredo’s, Thayer Street, Providence
Ama, Luongo Square, Providence
Amici Sports Bar and Grille (same location as $3 Bar), Atwells Avenue, Providence
Amsterdam Restaurant, South Main Street, Providence
Anderson's, in the Arcade, downtown, Providence
Andrew’s Diner, Centerdale, North Providence
Andy’s Diner, Dike Street, Olneyville, Providence
Angie's Pizza, West Warwick
Apponaug Diner, Warwick
Archie’s Tavern, Pawtucket
Arctic Diner, West Warwick
Armand's, Westminster Street, Providence
Aruba Steve’s, downtown, Providence
Arthur Treacher Fish & Chips
Asquino’s, East Providence
Asterisk, Thames Street, Newport
Atlantic Beach Club, Middletown
Atwood Grill, Post Road,Warwick
Au Bon Pain, Thayer Street, Providence - 3 other city locations remain
Audra’s Cafe (now Dante’s), Main Street, East Greenwich
Baby Watson (stroller sandwiches), Davol Square, Providence
Bacchante Room, The, Providence
Ballard’s, Warwick
Bali Room Banquet Facility (at Lindy's), Park & Reservoir Avenues, Cranston
Bamboo House, Main Street, West Warwick
Bank Cafe, The, Pawtuxet Village, Warwick
Barbara’s Ristorante, Elmwood at Pawtuxet River (used to be IHOP), Cranston
Barney’s Bagels, Cranston, Pawtucket
Barnsider at Midland Mall, Warwick
Barnsider Mile & A Quarter Tavern, Providence
Barry’s, Hoxie, Warwick
Basil’s, Narragansett
Bay Voyage Inn Dining Room, Jamestown
Beau May Diner, Union Square, Woonsocket
Bebop Burrito, Market Street, Warren
Beef and Bun, Thayer Street, Providence
Beef Hearth, The, Pawtucket
Bell’s Diner, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
Bernardo's BBQ, East Providence
Bess Eaton Donuts, various locations, though a few still exist
Bickford’s, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Bill's Wieners, Broad Street, Providence
Billy's Mile Long Diner, Hamlin & Elmwood, Providence
Blaze, Hope Street, Providence
Blind Tailor Caffe, Weybosset Street, Providence
Blue Parrot, The (now Nautika), on Greenwich Cove, East Greenwich
Blue Point Oyster House, North Main Street, Providence
Blush Wine Bar, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Boat Yard, The, Thames Street, Newport
Bob O’s Quarterdeck, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
Bonefish Grill, Chapel View, Cranston
Bo Peek Diner, Route 6, Scituate
Boston Submarine Sub Shop, Gansett Avenue, Cranston
Bovi's, Wickenden Street, Providence
Box Seats, River Street, Woonsocket
Bradley's, in back of PC, Providence
The Bradford, 142 Atwells Avenue, Providence
Bravo Wood Fired Pizza, North Kingstown
Brook Manor, North Attleboro, MA
Brook Manor Pub, North Attleboro, MA
Brookside Inn, Coventry
Brown Derby, The, Smith Street, Providence
Brutopia, Cranston
Bugaboo Creek, Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick
Bugaboo Creek, Seekonk, MA
Burn's Pulman Diner, 1209 Broad Street, Providence
Butcher Block Sandwich Shop, Post Road, East Greenwich
Burger Chef, various locations
Cactus Grill, The, Allens Avenue, Providence
Cafe De Vie, Richmond Square, Providence
Cafe El Mana, Pocasset Avenue, Providence
Cafe In The Barn, Rt-6, Seekonk, MA
Cafe L'Elizabeth's, South Main Street, Providence
Cafe Luna, Garden City, Cranston
Caffe Dolce Vita, Depasquale Square, Providence
Californian, The, Mathewson Street, Providence
Camille’s Cafe, Mathewson Street, Providence
Canfield House, The, Newport
Cape Cod Restaurant, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Cappuccino's, Middletown
Capital Spa, Providence
Cappelli’s, Post Road, south of airport, Warwick
Carmine’s at Twin River Casino, Lincoln
Carousel Sports Pub. Armistice Boulevard, Pawtucket
Carr’s, Angel Street on College Hill, Providence
Casa Giovanna, Dyer & Park Avenues, Cranston
Casa Lupita, East Avenue, across from Midland Mall, Warwick
Castle Spa, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
Castle Theater Dinner and a Movie, Providence
Castle, The, Pappasquash Road, Bristol
Cathay Pearl, Seekonk, MA
Cat Tails, East Providence
Centerdale Diner, North Providence
Certa by The Sea, pizza, Narragansett
Chalet Restaurant, Mineral Spring, North Providence
Chalet, The, Pawtucket
Chalkstone House, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
Champa Thai, Mineral Spring, North Providence
Charlie's 404 Deli, Benefit Street, Providence, RI Charlie's Grille, Smith Street, Rt. 44, Centerdale, North Providence
Charlie's and McDermott's Diner, Newport Avenue, East Providence
Chateau de Ville at Warwick Mall, big time wedding venue
Cheeky Monkey Cafe, Newport
Cherrystone, Oakland Beach, Warwick
Cheswick’s in Wayland Manor, Providence
Chez Parent, Woonsocket, RI Child's, downtown Providence
China Star, Newport Avenue, East Providence
Chinese Iron Wok, Benevolent Street, College Hill, Providence
Chin’s Cathay Garden, Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Christine’s, Spruce Street, Providence
Cilantro’s, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
City Lights, Davol Square, Providence
Classic, The, Charles Street, Marieville, North Providence
Club 400 (now West Valley Inn), off Providence Street, West Warwick
Club 44, Rt-44 past Centerdale, Johnston
Coachman, The, Tiverton
Cock & Kettle, Uxbridge, MA
Coffee’s Tavern, Cranston
Colonial Hilton, Cranston
Connie and Nikki's Restaurant and Creamery, 526 Pawtucket Avenue, Pawtucket
Conservatory at Vanderbilt Grace, The, Mary Street, Newport
Conte's Restaurant, Lambert Lind Highway, Warwick
Cook and Brown Public House, Providence
Copper Galley, The, Shipyard Marina, Providence
Copper Kettle, The
Corner Tavern, The, South County Trail, North Kingstown
Cosgrove’s at Narragansett Pier
Country Inn, Warren
Country Pizza and Restaurant, 1602 Nooseneck Hill Road, Coventry
Cranberry’s, Providence
Crawshaw's Diner, Taunton Avenue, East Providence
Crescent Diner, Warren & Pawtucket Avenues, East Providence
Cresta Bar & Ristorante, Main Street, Pawtucket
Crickets, Rt 116, Smithfield
Christo's Pizza, Providence Street, West Warwick
Crosby's, across from Calart, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Crossroads Diner, Oaklawn & Reservoir Avenues, Cranston
Crystal Tap, The (Paul's), Steeple Street, Providence
Cuban Revolution, Valley Street, Providence
Culling House, The, on Seekonk River, Providence
Custy’s, near Smith Castle, North Kingstown
Daisy May's Diner, 525 North Broadway, East Providence
Dave’s Seafood Shack, Stone Bridge, Portsmouth
David’s Potbelly, Hope Street, Providence
Davio’s, Hotel Biltmore, Providence
Deep Indian Restaurant, Hartford Avenue, Providence
Dewey's Diner, Massasoit & Waterman Avenues, East Providence
Dinty Moore’s (formerly Bob's Diner), Taunton Avenue, East Providence
Diorio’s, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
Diversi, Rolfe Square, Cranston
Divine, Federal Hill, Providence
Don's Restaurant, Pontiac Avenue, Cranston
Downcity Diner, Providence
Downcity Food & Cocktails, Weybosset Street, Providence
Dragon Palace, Tiogue Avenue, Coventry
Duck Soup, Dorrance Street, Providence
Duffy's Diner, across from Calart, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Duncan Phyfe, across Reservoir Avenue from Garden City, Cranston
D'Vine on the Hill, Spruce Street, Providence
East Side Diner at Red Bridge, Providence
East Side Mario’s, Pleasant Valley Parkway, Providence, and Warwick
Eastern Pearl, Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston
Eddy Fine Food, Westminster Street, Providence
Efendi’s (now Cilantro's), Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Egg Roll Cafe, Airport Road, Warwick
Eileen Darling, Seekonk, MA
Elm Diner, Smith Street, Providence
El Meson Restaurant, 549 Broad Street, Providence
El Molino Restaurant, Broad Street, Central Falls
El Morrocco, Harford Avenue, Johnston
El Principe Restaurant, Eddy Street, Providence
El Taconaso, 500 Valley Street, Providence
El Tapitio, Atwood Avenue, Cranston
El Torito, Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, replaced Red Coach Grill
Embassy Restaurant, Havelock Street, Woonsocket
Empire, 123 Empire Street, Providence
Empress Chinese Cuisine, Park Avenue, Cranston
Ernie Paddock's, Newport Avenue, East Providence
Evelyn’s Villa, Cowesett Road, West Warwick
Eveready Diner, Chad Brown, Providence
Fado at Twin River Casino, Lincoln
Faial’s, Douglas Pike, Smithfield
Fairlawn Spa, Mineral Spring & Smithfield Avenues, Pawtucket
Falstaff at Biltmore, Providence
Farmstead, Wayland Avenue, Providence
Fast Eddy’s, Providence
Fat Belly's, Lambert Lind Highway beside Warwick Mall
Fauci's Cafe, Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick
FEI Club, Carpenter Street, Valley Falls, Cumberland
Fida's Diner, Valley Street, Providence
Fidler's, West Shore & Warwick Neck, Warwick
First and Last Chance, East Avenue, Pawtucket
515 Diner, Narragansett
Florentine Grill, The, Douglas Avenue
Floridian, The, Providence
Flyer’s, Airport Road, Warwick
Fo'c'sle, Sakonnet Point, Little Compton
Fontaine Dickens
Fore 'n' Aft, Main Street, Warren
Forge, The (now The Trap), Forge Road, East Greenwich
Forty-Third Diner, 270 Valley Street, Providence
Four Corner's Coffee, Warwick
Frederick’s Restaurant, West Shore Road, Conimicut, Warwick
Frosty Hollow, Centerdale, North Providence
Fusion El Rincon Cel Sabor, Dyer Avenue, Cranston
Gabriel's Italian Restaurant, 39 Phenix Avenue, Cranston
Galaxie, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston [not to be confused with Jackie Galaxie]
Galleria de Guerra, The
Gansett Diner, Broadway, Providence
Gatehouse, The, Richmond Square, Providence (Bill Clinton ate there)
Gentleman Farmer, The, adjacent to Warwick Mall and Rt. 6A, Scituate
George’s Grill, diner, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
George Street Restaurant & Bar, Pawtucket (Now Murphy’s Law Irish Pub)
Geppetto's Pizza, DePasquale Square, Providence
GeriLynn’s Seafood
Gibson’s, near City Hall, Providence
Giovanni's, East Providence
Golden Ginger, Mendon Road, Cumberland
Golden Lantern, The, Bald Hill Road near Warwick Musical Theater
Good Egg, The, Newport
Goulet's Diner, Woonsocket
Governor Dyer Restaurant, Promenade Street, Providence
Gracie’s Bar & Grill, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Great House, The, Post Road, Warwick
Grotto Azzura (Blue Grotto), Atwells Avenue, Providence
Ground Round, The, on North Main, Providence
Guido's, Hope Street, Providence
Guilio’s, Mineral Spring, North Providence
Gustafson’s, Tiverton
Gus’s, George Waterman Avenue, Johnston
Gus’s, Oakland Beach, Warwick
Haigh’s Diner, 281 Dyer Street, Providence
Hanson’s Landing, Salt Pond Road, South Kingstown
Hart’s Cafe, Cranston Street near St. Anne’s Cemetery, Cranston
Harvest House at Woolworth's, Midland Mall, Warwick
Hearth & Kettle, Attleboro, MA
Hearthstone, Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA
Helm, The
Hideaway Grill Room & Diner, 77 Reservoir Avenue, Providence
Holland House, Warwick Avenue at Hoxie, Warwick
Hometown Buffet, Bald Hill Road, Warwick
Homestyle Pizza, Warren Avenue, East Providence
Hon Hong, Washington Street, Providence
Horton's Seafood, Broadway, East Providence
Hot Pockets, Thayer Street, Providence
Howard Johnson’s, various locations
Hudson's Diner, Broad Street, Valley Falls, Cumberland
Humble Pie, various locations
Hungry Sheik, The, Thayer Street, Providence - Became Andrea's
Hut, The, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Il Piccolo, Atwood Avenue, Johnston
Indian Club, The (now Red Stripe), Main Street, East Greenwich
Inn, The, West Shore Road, Warwick
Inprov, downtown, Providence
International House of Pancakes, various locations
Ivy Garden, Cowesett Rd., West Warwick
J&D’s, Centerdale, North Providence
Jack in the Box, Warwick
Jackson Diner, 539 Westminster Street, Providence
Jason’s, Division Street, Warwick
Jefferson Inn (now Athen's), Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick
Jenna's Kitchen, Main Street, Woonsocket
Jennie’s Dairy Freeze, West Shore Road, Warwick
Jenny's, Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Jerilynn's Seafood, Johnston
J. G. Goff's Pub, Point Street, Providence
J. J. Newbury lunch counter, Westminster Street, Providence
Joe's American Bar & Grill, Providence Place Mall, Providence
Joe’s Diner
John's New York System, 827 Park Avenue, Cranston
John's New York Systems, 326 Cranston Street, Providence
Johnny B's Diner, Cranston & Dyer Streets, Cranston
Johnny Granata's Restaurant & Bar (s/a Post Office Cafe), 11 Main, East Greenwich
Johnny Shadow’s, near Lincoln Mall
Johnson's Hummocks, Allens Avenue, Providence
Jolly Cholly’s Snack Bar, Attleboro, MA
Jolly Chef, The
Jordan Marsh Restaurant, Warwick Mall
Joseph’s, East Providence
Joseph’s, Warwick
Julio's, Marieville, North Providence
Just Chillin, Park Avenue, Cranston
J. Wales (now Legal Seafood), Post Road, Warwick
Kelley’s Hamburgers, various locations
Kenny Roger’s Chicken
Ken's Ramen, Providence
Ken Wok, Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
King’s Inn, across from Lincoln Mall
Kingston Diner, Post Road, North Kingstown
Kitchen, Carpenter Street, Providence
Kool Korner, intersection of Elmwood and Post, Warwick
Krispy Kreme donuts, Pontiac Avenue, Cranston
Lago Rocket meatball sandwiches, Narragansett Parkway, Providence
Laguna, Thayer Street, Providence
La Moia, Pocasset Avenue, Cranston
L'Apogée at Biltmore, Providence
Larchwood Inn, South Kingstown
La Petite Auberge, Newport
Le Bistro, 41 Bowens Wharf, Newport
Left Bank, The, South Main, Providence
Lefty's Diner, 12 Cherry Street, Woonsocket
L’Epicureo, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Le Greque, Arcade, Providence
Liberty Diner, Park & Reservoir Avenues, Cranston
Liberty Diner, 819 North Main Street, Providence
Liberty Elm Diner, Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Linberg's Diner, Providence
Lincoln Diner, Smithfield Avenue, Lincoln
Lindy’s Diner, Reservoir & Park, Cranston
Little Inn, The, in Centerdale
Little Joe's Diner, Lonsdale, Lincoln
Little Place, The, East Providence
LJ’s BBQ, Douglas Avenue, Providence, and East Avenue, Pawtucket
Lloyd's Diner, 2760 Hartford Avenue, Johnston
Lloyd's, Waterman Avenue, East Side, Providence
Lobstermania on Greenwich Harbor, East Greenwich
Local 121, Washington Street, Providence
Lola's Cantina, South Water Street, Providence
Lombardi’s 1025 Club, Providence
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Bald Hill Road, Warwick
Lord Fox
Lotus, North Smithfield
Lucky Stations Chinese Restaurant, Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Luke's Luau Hut, City Hall, Providence
Lum’s, Smithfield
Lura Cafe (fake installation), Fountain Street, Providence
Ma Glockner’s, Bellingham, MA
Macaroni Grill, Meshanticut, Warwick
Made Rite, The, Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Magic Chef, The
Main St. Grille, Main Street, Pawtucket
Main Street 2000 Restaurant, 114 Main Street, Woonsocket
Mainelli’s, Chalkstone Avenue (after featured on Restaurant Rescue), Providence
Mamie Ellen’s Southern Vittles, Broad Street, Providence
Mancini's Service Diner, 378-1/2 Charles Street, Providence
Mapleroot Inn, Harkney Hill Road & Tioque Avenue, Coventry
Marcello’s, Cranston
Marconi's Roman Garden (now Camille's), Federal Hill, Providence
Marley’s in Oakland Beach, formerly Groucho’s, Warwick
Martinque, Broad Street, Providence
Marty's Autocrat Diner, Broad & Lockwood, Providence
Maryland Fried Chicken near Midland Mall, Warwick
McGarry’s, Westminster Street, Providence
Meatball Mike's Sandwiches (Guinness Record for biggest Calzone), Cranston Street & Gansett Avenue, Cranston
Mediteraneo, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Mee Hong, Westminster, Providence
Mei King, So. Bend Street, West Warwick (Pawtucket location still open)
Memphis Roadhouse, Attleboro, MA
Merienda, Warren
Merola Omelet, Broadway, Providence
Met Cafe, downtown, Providence
Miami Diner, Park & Warwick Avenues, Cranston
Midtown Oyster Bar, lower Thames, Newport
Mike's Wagon across from Biltmore, Providence
Milano's, Rt-44, Rehoboth, MA
Milestone, Pontiac Avenue, Cranston
Milk Can, The, Rt. 146, Lincoln & North Smithfield line
Miller’s Deli (now Sullivan’s Rhode), Union Street, Providence
Ming Garden next to Industrial Trust, Providence
Minute Chef, The, Providence
Miss Dutton's Tea Room at Cherry&Webb, Providence
Modern Grill, Boston Post Road, Westerly
Moi-Lee's Bar and Grille, Narragansett Pier
Montana’s, Warwick
Mozzarella's, Marieville, North Providence
Mr. C’s
Mr. Doughboy, Route 102, Glendale, Burrillville
Mr. Taco, Providence Street, West Warwick
Mr. Up’s
Mr. V’s
Muldoon’s Saloon, South Water Street, Providence
My Brother’s Pub, Pawtucket
Naissance, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Napa Valley Grille, Providence Place Mall
Narragansett Room, Dorrance Street, Providence
Nathaniel Porter Inn, Warren
Neath’s New American Bistro, South Water Street, Providence
New England Fish Factory, Pawtucket
New Japan, Washington St., Providence
Nicole’s Tuscany Grill, Atwood Avenue, Cranston
Nino's, Tioque Avenue, Coventry
Nonni's Italian Kitchen & Pasta, Tiverton
Norwood Inn (now Shogun), Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick
Oatleys, Rts 2 & 102, North Kingstown
Oates Tavern, Douglas Avenue, Providence
O’Connor’s Diner, South Main Street, Woonsocket
Oki Japanese Steakhouse, Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
Old Country Buffet, Warwick
Olerio's, Park Avenue, Cranston
Ollie’s Omelets
Orchard House Cafe, Seekonk, MA
Outlet Lunch Counter, downtown Providence
Ozzi Steakburgers, Post Road, Warwick
Palmieri's Bakery (state's oldest, 1898) & Cafes, De Pasquale Square and Ridge Street, Providence; new location remains on Main Street, East Greenwich
Palms, The, County Road & Waterman Avenue, East Providence, Seekonk Line
Panache, downtown Providence
Panda Island, Cowesett Plaza, Warwick
Papa Brillos, which became the Station Fire Disaster Site, Cowesett Road, West Warwick
Papa Razzi (Boston chain), Garden City, Cranston
Paragon, Thayer Street, East Side of Providence
Parkside Steak & Wings To Go, Park Avenue, Cranston
Park Square Diner, Woonsocket
Parmigiano’s near URI, Kingston
Pei Wei, fast Asian fusion, Chapel View, Cranston
Penguin's, Thayer Street, Providence
Peppermill, The, Central Avenue, Pawtucket and Quaker Lane, Warwick
Perini's, Memorial Drive, Newport
Perry Mill Tavern, America’s Cup Avenue, Newport
Peter Pan Diner, Elmwood near Gilbert Stuart MIddle School, Providence
Pho Evergreen, Putnam Pike, Greenville
Pier 76
Pinelli’s North End Cafe, Charles Street, Marieville, North Providence
Pinelli’s Gourmet Deli, Quaker Lane, West Warwick
Pink Elephant, The, Taunton Avenue, East Providence
Pizza Hut, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Playa Grill, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Players Corner Pub, Providence
Pleasant View Diner, Smithfield
Plouffe’s French Pies and Wieners, High Street, Valley Falls, Cumberland
Poirier Diner (c. 1947, aka Arnold's, El Faro, Sandwich Factory, Squire, Top Hat), Eagle Square, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Ponderosa Steak House, Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston
Port Arthur, Dorrance & Weybosset, Providence
Post Office Cafe, 11 Main, East Greenwich
Prime, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Pub Dennis, Cranston, East Providence, Woonsocket
Purple Cat, The, Chepachet, Glocester
Quaker Lane Diner, 475 Quaker Lane, West Warwick
Ranch House, The, Johnston
Raphael’s Bar Risto, Union Station, Providence
Rathskeller, near URI, Kingston
Ray's Diner, 366 Wood Street, Bristol
Ray's Diner, Broad Street across from Park Entrance, Providence
Red Coach Grill, Jefferson Blvd, Warwick
Redlefsen’s, Bristol waterfront
Red Lobster, Ball Hill Road, Warwick
Red Onion, The, near Midland Mall, Warwick
Red Rooster Tavern, No. Kingstown
Remington House, Apponaug, Warwick
Renaissance, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Restaurant (Bistro) 524, Tiverton
Revolutionary Pizza Company (The Rev), Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
Rhode Island Quahog Company, Thames, Newport
Rhumbline, Bridge Street, Newport
RI Lunch, Broadway & Spring Street, Newport
Ribs & Company, Atwood Ave., Johnston
Richards Drive Inn, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Rick's Roadhouse, Richmond Street, Providence
Ricotti’s Sandwiches, various locations
RiRa, Downtown, Providence
Ristorante Romanza, Wickenden Street, Providence
Riverside Diner, 3 1/2 Exchange Street, Pawtucket
Riverside Kitchen New York System, 467 Willet Avenue, East Providence
Roast House, The, various locations inc. Warwick Mall
Rocky Point Shore Dinner Hall, Warwick
Rodizio, Brazilian BBQ, Metacom Avenue, Bristol
Roger Clemens Fried Chicken, Route 2, Warwick
Rolfe St. Station, Cranston
Ronnie Rascal House, Thayer Street, Providence
Ron’s Spaghetti House, Smithfield
Rosinha’s, Main Street, Pawtucket
Ruby Tuesday, Division Street, East Greenwich and Swansea, MA
Rue de L’espoir, Hope Street, Providence
Rufful's Restaurant, Wayland Square, Providence
Rusty Scupper, North Main, Providence
Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Providence
Salas’ Restaurant, Newport
San Vivaldo Trattoria, Providence Street, West Warwick
Scampi's of Course, Pontiac Avenue, Cranston
Scharzwald Haus, German, Seekonk, MA
Scrambler’s III, Main Street, East Greenwich
Senor Flacos, Canal Street, Westerly
Seville's, Newport Avenue near Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket
Shadoin's, Smith Street, Centredale, North Providence
Shepard’s Tea Room, downtown Providence
Shoney’s, Bald Hill Road, Warwick (still several in Virginia)
Showboat at Tiogue Lake, RI-3, Coventry
Shooter's, India Point, Providence
Shula's 347 Grill, Providence
Siam Square, Silver Spring Avenue, Providence
Siam Square, Willet Avenue, East Providence
Silver Palace, Park & Reservoir, Cranston
Silver Top Diner, Harris & Kingsley, Providence
Simone’s, Warren
Sleeping With the Fishes, Atwood Avenue, Cranston
Smith’s Restaurant, Atwells near Manton, Providence
Spaghetti House, Mathewson, Providence
Spaghetti Warehouse at the old Brown & Sharpe Foundry, Providence
Spardello's Top of the Hill Deli, Laurel Hill Avenue, Cranston
Sparky's Coney Island System, Taunton Avenue, East Providence
Spats, Angel & Thayer Streets, Providence
Sportsman Diner, 286 Allens Avenue, Providence
SS Victoria
State Line Diner, Rt 1, So. Attleboro, MA
Steak & Brew
Steak Lodge at Bonnet Shores, Narragansett
Star Diner, Newport Avenue, East Providence
Stella Blues, Warren
Stickyfingers, Douglas Avenue, Providence
Stouffer’s, Dorrance Street, Providence
Stuffies, Mineral Spring, North Providence
Sullivan’s Steak House, East Providence
Sunflower Cafe, Mayfield Street, Cranston
Sunset Diner, Norwood, Warwick
Taco Maker, The, Airport Road, Warwick
Tai Dee Garden, Bald Hill, Warwick
Tallulah's on Thames, Newport
Tarantino's, Federal Hill, Providence
Taso's Diner, 1500 Atwood Avenue, Johnston
Tasty Diner, Mineral Spring, North Providence
TCBY, various locations
Ted’s Big Boy, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Ted’s Big Boy, Thayer Street, Providence
Ted’s Montana Grill, Chapel View, Cranston
Tim Horton's, various locations
Tina’s Jamaican Restaurant, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Tini, Washington Street, Providence
Tio Mateo, Cranston
Timothy’s (where Archie’s was), Pawtucket
Tomato Vine, next to Apex, Warwick
Tommy’s Diner, Charles & Smith Streets, Providence
Tommy’s Diner, East Main Road, Middletown
Tony George’s
Tony Papa’s, Phoenix Avenue, Cranston
Tops Gaylord Diner, North Main Street, Providence (appeared in LIFE magazine)
Town Chef, Weybosset Street, Providence
Track 84, East Greenwich
Triangle Diner, Charles & Smith Streets, Providence - Compare with Tommy’s
Trieste, Narragansett
Trinity Diner, 352 Broad Street, Providence
Tucker’s Bistro, Broadway, Newport
Turk’s Head Room, Providence
Tweet Balzano's Family Restaurant, Mt. Hope Avenue, Bristol
Twisters, retro diner, Wakefield
Twist’s (now Red Rice), near Warwick Mall
Tyler Point Grille (now Bluewater Grille), Barrington
Uncle Sushi, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
Union Oyster House, Uxbridge, MA
Up River Cafe, Main Street, Westerly
Valley Steak House, Post Road, Warwick
Vanilla Bean, Rts. 6A and 116, Scituate
Venetian Gardens, West Shore Road, Warwick
Vermette’s, Woonsocket
Veteran’s Square Diner, Warwick
Villa DiGiorgio, West Warwick
Vincent’s, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Vinny Testa’s, Seekonk, MA
Vintage, Woonsocket
Viola’s, DePasquale Square, Providence
Waldorf Cafeteria, Union Trust Building on Westminster Street, Providence
Walter’s Ristorante d’Italia, East Greenwich
Wampanoag Diner, Armington Corner, Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence
Waterplace Restaurant, Providence
Water's Edge, Pawtuxet Village, Cranston
Welcome Cafe, Chalkstone Avenue, Providence
West Valley Inn, Providence Street, West Warwick
Weybosset Market Lunch Counter, Providence
White Castle, Olneyville, Providence
White Tower, The, Dorrance Street, Providence
Wicked Fish, Rts. 2 & 102, North Kingstown
Wickford Diner, North Kingstown
Wiener Joint, Riverside Square, East Providence
Wightman’s Diner, Rt. 1, Rumford, East Providence
Wilcox Tavern, Charlestown
Windmill Diner, Route 1, Providence Winkler’s Steak House, Providence
Wise Guy Deli, Atwells Avenue, Providence
Woody’s Restaurant, Narragansett
XO Cafe, Providence
Yankee Clipper Diner, Valley Street, Providence
Yesterday’s, Newport
York Steak House, Warwick Mall
Z Bar & Grille, Wickenden, Providence
Zenga's, Main Street, East Greenwich - Now Fresco
Ziggy's Diner, Broad Street, Central Falls

Please feel free to add entries or comment on meals you had, especially if you're a former restaurant server or worker. Special thanks to Trift Power Website, which depicts scores of defunct diners, once common as eateries for common folk without cars, and frequently changed hands or even locations, since many were mobile Worcester Lunch Car trailers begun a bit more than a century ago.


  1. Leo's Providence; Ming's Central Falls; Benjamin's Taunton MA; The Rome No. Attleboro; Club Embassy Woonsocket;

  2. Debated about Benjamin's Restaurant, which closed abruptly not quite 2 years ago, because until recently they looked to reopen. Also, its Bay Street location isn't that close to Rhode Island. Club Embassy, Leo's, Ming's and The Rome are good neglected catches. Doubt Ming's had anything to do with famous Ming Garden in Providence. Thanks, Christine. Such lists probe the memory of very observant people and question the recklessness of borrowing for this risky enterprise that makes bankers and capitalists richer.

  3. Will get around to including:
    Cilantro’s, Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
    Dave’s Seafood Shack, Stone Bridge, Portsmouth
    Diversi, Rolfe Square, Cranston
    Fauci Tavern, Jefferson Boulevard. Warwick
    Local 121, Washington Street, Providence

  4. Beef and Bun, Thayer Street, Providence
    Cappuccino, William Street, Newport
    Penguin's, Thayer Street, Providence
    Perini's, Memorial Drive, Newport
    Rascal House, Thayer Street, Providence

    1. Did include Rascal House under Ronnie's. Beef and Bun rings a bell. Never heard of the rest. Thanks for the response.

  5. Angies Pizza, West Warwick
    Zenga's, East Greenwich

  6. Salvation Cafe and Midtown Oyster Bar in Newport are still open

    1. Misinformed? Believe both were closed temporarily. Salvation Cafe had a huge crack in wall. Glad to hear they survived troubles.

  7. Red Bridge Tavern in East Providence is alive & well. We ate there last night. The place was rockin!

  8. Defend your favorites! Bulk of 400+ were verified personally, but some were posted based on 3rd party suggestion, then checked via internet searches. Finding out that a restaurant might change hands then reopen under new management with same name, or temporarily close, too. Food scene is fluid, to say the least. Thanks for the input.

  9. Long live Casa Lupita and its Tequila Sunsets !!! Anyone remember the Car Palace?

  10. China Garden on mineral spring ave north providence
    Best wings in oyster sauce and moo goo gai pan

    1. Did this only move to Chalkstone Avenue, Providence?

  11. Betty's on Charles and Mineral spring ave

  12. Matt: Casa Lupita had great Mexican food, too.
    Ron: Never heard of either, but don't get to Marieville all that often. Access probably reason a Chinese restaurant would go under, since they seem to last forever. But at least 3 Chinese in Providence's downtown (notably Ming, Luke's) succumbed, more victims of the Midland Mall, where you could park your car.

  13. A few more, Casa Mia, Smith st Providence, Alery's Providence, Andy's Pizza, Atwood ave Cranston, Casa Rossi, Narragansett

  14. We had a favorite Chinese Restaurant on Rt 2 Warwick across from Haxton's liquor store. It was called Tai Di Garden not sure of the spelling.

    1. The late cofounders husband and wife Chin ran the Tai Dee Garden for decades. Terraced sidehill location offered teriyaki specialties. Figured it was Japanese or Korean. Never tried. Now the building has been raised.

      Believe Betty's only moved up Charles Street, because still in operation.

  15. Burn's Pulman Diner, Broad Street, Providence, next to entrance to Roger Williams Park. My Dad worked there for 28 years before moving to Holland House, Warwick Ave, Warwick then on to Turk's Head Club, Weybosset St, Prov.for 20 yrs.

    1. Believe Burn's became Ray's Diner, also gone, and mentioned along with Holland House and Turk's Head Club. Have been compiling a list of additions with a lot of defunct diners, but have to ascertain facts about them: sometimes they just close one of multiple locations, such as Stanley's Hamburgers (stayed in Central Falls and closed Providence), or move to new locations.

  16. Also investigating: Blount's Clam Shack on Richmond Street (though Crescent Park and Warren Water Street still strong), Olga’s on Point Street, and Rick's Road House around the corner, each mentioned as closed in a ProJo article, though that's not proof.

  17. Thanks to your comments and new sources, list has been updated.

  18. Woodlawn Fish And Chips Main St Pawtucket

    1. It now appears to be Chendu Taste, Chinese cuisine. Wondering when it last operated as Woodlawn Fish and Chips. Good catch, Edward.

  19. Technically speaking, what constitutes a "restaurant"? A food truck that recurs often enough? A short lived diner? An RV surrounded by tables (describes mutli-million dollar operation Blount's Seafood in both East Providence and Warren)? If you slap down cash and someone hands you a sandwich or taco? Does it have to have indoor seating? A drive-thru where you eat in your car (would be a boon at seashore with limited parking anyway)? In car service as A&W Root Beer and Sonic are already set up? Remember waitresses in roller skates? Can you call eat-in arrangements at supermarkets restaurants?

  20. Fidas Restaurant - best breakfast deal in town before 9am
    270 Valley St. Providence, RI

    1. Fidas gone!? Now that was what they meant by "bread and circus". A known hangout for cops and felons alike, it was an epicenter of local communist activists and site of all sorts of mayhem and shootings. Damon Runyon would've hung there. However, ProJo reporter Charlie Bakst used to chow down at Angelo's Civita Farnese. Buddy Cianci was a regular at Marzilli's Old Canteen across Atwells. Fida's near intersection of Atwells, was too close to Olneyville.

  21. Updated list with the following 5:
    Carousel Sports Pub. Armistice Boulevard, Pawtucket
    George Street Rest & Bar, Pawtucket (Now Murphy’s Law Irish Pub)
    Jennie’s Dairy Freeze, West Shore Road, Warwick
    Mei King, So. Bend Street, West Warwick (Pawtucket location still open)
    Peppermill, The, Central Avenue, Pawtucket and Quaker Lane, Warwick

  22. No sooner than you update, several more closures get noticed:
    Gabriel's Italian Restaurant, 39 Phenix Avenue, Cranston
    Johnny Granata's Restaurant & Bar (s/a Post Office Cafe), 11 Main, East Greenwich
    Paragon, Thayer Street, East Side of Providence
    Post Office Cafe, 11 Main, East Greenwich
    Ruby Tuesday, Division Street, East Greenwich and Swansea, MA

  23. Boat Yard, The, Thames Street, Newport
    Caffe Dolce Vita, Depasquale Square, Providence
    Conservatory at Vanderbilt Grace, The, Mary Street, Newport
    Milestone, Pontiac Avenue, Cranston

  24. Remington House in Apponaug..though the Crow's Nest nearby is still going.

  25. ProJo pronounced the following places closed: Brutopia in Cranston; Cook and Brown Public House, Ken's Ramen, and XO Cafe in Providence; Country Inn, Merienda, and Simone's in Warren; Four Corner's Coffee and Remington House in Warwick; Redlefsen's in Bristol. Confirms RMB's post.

  26. Perusing RI Monthly Magazines from a decade ago, came up with this list:
    3 Steeple Street, Canal Street, Providence
    1854 Tap Room, Sakonnet Point, Little Compton
    Ama, Luongo Square, Providence
    Bebop Burrito, Market Street, Warren
    Charlie's 404 Deli, Benefit Street, Providence, RI
    Farmstead, Wayland Avenue, Providence
    Ken Wok, Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
    Mamie Ellen’s Southern Vittles, Broad Street, Providence
    Oki Japanese Steakhouse, Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
    Ozzi Steakburgers, Post Road, Warwick
    Pho Evergreen, Putnam Pike, Greenville
    Rosinha’s, Main Street, Pawtucket
    Senor Flacos, Canal Street, Westerly
    Tina’s Jamaican Restaurant, Atwells Avenue, Providence
    Tini, Washington Street, Providence

  27. No more tapas at The Bradford, 142 Atwells Avenue, Providence

  28. Is Fat Belly's by the Warwick Mall closed?

  29. Yes. Sorry I never got there, replaced by Not Your Average Joes, which I might go to some day. Joins Bay Voyage Inn Dining Room as defunct.

  30. Don't forget Phoebe's Fish and Chips in Seekonk--much regretted.

  31. Phoenix Dragon Broadway Providence

  32. Mario's Risto Bar, Haven Avenue, Cranston